The Westin Paris – Vendôme Review

For many, Paris ranks as the most romantic and most beautiful city in the world. It simply and unequivocally is stunning due to its architecture, history, ambiance and unique flair.

But I have to be honest: it took us a few tries before we really, really enjoyed Paris. As in, 3 or 4 trips before we finally succumbed and fell in love with the city of lights.

One of the issues in Paris as a tourist is finding the right home. For American travelers in particular, many of the hotels feature small rooms and somewhat antiquated amenities.

Enters the Westin Paris – Vendôme. It has now become such a staple in our travels, that we went back-to-back-back on our last 3 trips. Almost a second home!

Here are some of the reasons you may want to follow our steps:

  • Location: stunning building right by the Jardin des Tuileries in the 1st arrondissement. The Louvre, Place Vendôme, Place Concorde and the Champs Elysées are right around the corner. The location is very central, which makes reaching most areas of the city quite easy, be it by metro or Uber.
  • Service: the staff is very good, particularly by Paris’ standards. Friendly, helpful and English-speaking (a good thing!). The check-in/out line may be long at times, so be armed with a bit of patience or be prepared for that moment!
  • Atmosphere: classy and refined, without being too pretentious. Feels true to a Westin, and actually in the top tier of Westin (better than most in the brand). Many guests are from the U.S. (a plus for some, a big minus for others!). The lobby-level bar in particular is strongly dominated by english speakers.
  • Rooms: the best part about this hotel. Most are quite spacious. It is worth asking the front desk to get exactly what you want, as the rooms drastically defer (from one to another). Some have high ceilings, some feel more modern. If unhappy with your assignment, don’t hesitate to ask and see others.
  • Price: highly variable during the year, function of Paris’ events. As a SPG property, it is worth seeing if you can lock-in a room using Starpoints (we did several times).
  • Would we go again?  Absolutely. As we mentioned in the intro, this property feels like a home away from home!
  • Any particular tips? Some rooms feature Jardin des Tuileries + Eiffel Tower views. Worth asking for them, you can get lucky!

Our verdict: as strong 4 out of 5 overall for this very solid choice in Paris. The fluctuation in room quality/experience and variable check-in/out wait times are areas that can be improved, but the overall value proposition is there and feels consistent after multiple visits.

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Anything else you’d like to know? Let us know in the comments! Also interested in additional feedback from others who’s tried this amazing place.

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